Truth, Beauty & Goodness - All welcome

ASSA Annual Conference 2020
27 – 29 March 2020 Friday evening to Sunday

Download Conference Programme and Truth Beauty and Goodness, a lecture by Rudolf Steiner

ASJ Newsletter November/ December 2019

At this time before Christmas every man passes unconsciously through his sheaths
to his higher ego and if he, as a pupil of anthroposophically orientated spiritual
science, is able to bring to this a corresponding inner development, it is then possible for him to attain, at Christmas, a "conscious experience of the birth of the higher self in his soul."

Then the festival of Christmas becomes for him a real inner experience -
"the birth of the higher ego out of the mother substance of wisdom"
that has been acquired by the soul on the path of inner development.

This path of knowledge can, at Christmas, result, in a very real way before the soul, in the following imagination ........

"The Virgin Mother, filled with the deepest wisdom, heavenly purity and mildness, with the Child, radiant with spirit-knowledge, in her arms."

This Mary is none other than the earthly reflection of the heavenly divine being of Isis-Sophia, while the Child in her arms - the Jesus of the Nathan House of David - is the Nathan Soul; the heavenly archetype of man - true Anthropos in his paradisaical unfallen state.

Anthropos - the living soul from the world's beginning - in the arms of mother Sophia - is the great Christmas imagination of Anthropos-Sophia.

It is the picture of the new being born from the substance of Wisdom, the heavenly Sophia. He is the true Anthropos, who is destined to receive into himself the Spirit Sun of Christ. Christmas is the true festival of Anthroposophy.
From - Sergei O. Prokofieff

Dear Members and Friends,

We are nearing the end of the year and once again, it is time to reflect on the activities of the society.

Michael Grimley gave a talk on the life of Jan Smuts.

Michael Chase talk and workshop on The masks of heaven and earth - looking at the journey between death, birth and life.

Neil Tatham gave a talk on Masonic signs and symbols.

Ludmilla King and Anthony Higgins presented their work - translations/interpretations of Rudolf Steiner's Verses and Meditations.

Rev. Michael Kientzler gave a talk on the Sixth Epoch - preparations and hindrances in our time.

Martin Sanne gave a talk on Nanotechnology.

Ludmilla King gave a talk about the Foundation Stone Meetings and gave a brief history of the Christmas Conference of 1923.

Alexander Schwedeler - a talk on social renewal. Self development and community development (moon path and the Saturn path).

Thomas Linders - a Regenerative Agricultural Initiative.

NOVEMBER Vision Meeting - Niel Tatham was asked to lead this first meeting and out of this presentation, the members present wanted to continue the discussion the following week. Members met again on Saturday 23rd November and out of the spirit of this meeting, the members expressed the need to meet on a monthly basis with the purpose of furthering the life of the soul. The following dates have been set:
Saturday 14th December 2019
Saturday 25th January, 2020 and
Saturday 15th February, 2020.
Time: 2h00-4h00pm All members are welcome.

The last meeting for the year will be on:
Saturday 7th December, 2019 - 7h30 - 8h30am.

The Johannesburg Branch will be hosting the ASSA Conference next year. This will take place on the weekend of 27/28/29th March, 2020. The theme of the conference is Truth, Beauty and Goodness. Details will be forwarded next year once the programme has been finalized.

"Anthroposophists must not think that they have only the same commitments which future Anthroposophists will have when they exist by the million rather than by the thousand. When limited numbers are active in the vanguard of a movement, they have to show commitment of a much higher order. It means they are obliged to show greater courage, greater energy, greater patience, greater tolerance and above all, greater truthfulness in every respect .........

A feeling must develop that Anthroposophia exists as a separate being, who moves among us, for whom we carry a responsibility in every moment of our lives." R.S.

Please note that the Library will be open until
Friday 13th December, 2019.
If you want to return books or take out books for the holidays, please make a note of this date.
The Library will reopen on
Tuesday 14th January, 2020.
As mentioned in my last newsletter, there is a wonderful selection of children's books available,especially for Christmas gifts; a range of Christmas cards and gift cards at R20 each; and the 2020 Biodynamic Planting Calendar compiled by Solberry at R250.

Claus-Peter Roh will once again be visiting Johannesburg and will give a talk on Truth, Beauty and Goodness, which, as mentioned, is the theme of the ASSA Conference.
This will take place on:
Friday, 17th January, 2020 at 7pm.

I would like to remind all our members and friends of our year-end function - it is our way of thanking you all for your support and friendship throughout the year. The guest speaker is Paul Myburgh and the theme of this talk is "Anthroposophy and the Christ." This will be followed by refreshments - for catering purposes, please indicate if you will be attending.

We look forward to seeing you all at this final event before we all go off to enjoy the festive season.

Warm regards,
Helen Katsikas


"Sensory perception is but the outer vestment of the activity of beings
In different states of consciousness". - R.S.

Dear members and friends,

I hope you are all well and coping with the winter cold, although here we are blessed with this glorious winter sunshine.

On the 7th June, Martin Sanne gave a talk on nanotechnology in which he expressed his view on the 5G mobile phone standard. I did not attend this talk, but I know we are led to believe that 5G will be super-fast, more efficient - set to revolutionize mobile phone communications and the Internet and we will be able to download more movies, faster, etc. Our reality threatens to become a "virtual reality." For this to happen, we will need small and more powerful radio towers. These tiny microwaves cannot penetrate buildings, hence the need for these small masts every 100-300 meters. These will be installed in every town and village. The electromagnetic radiation will grow enormously. Electromagnetic technologies work from the sub natural realm of forces. This is the domain of Ahriman and his hosts - there is no place for the supersensible, in his domain. This spirit of the intellect is the complete opposite to that of Michael who helps mankind to come to a spiritual picture of the world. This new technology will give Ahrimanic beings a further powerful impetus.

"These beings can be imaginatively experienced as black crows of misfortune, which belong underground, but which have, in the course of the last hundred years, forced their way powerfully to the surface and seek to cut off human beings 'from Michael's spiritual radiance'. They want to entrap humanity in materialism and then bring about the cosmic materialisation of human thoughts and feelings for themselves - the greatest illusion would take on a cosmically real form. Human beings would forget the spirit along with their own spiritual individualities. This danger can still be avoided if the yearning for what is merely material takes up the other yearning for what is spiritual" - R.S.
Taken from an article by T.H.Meyer.


Friday 16th August,2019 at 7.00 pm
Ludmilla King wants to start "Foundation Stone" Meetings on a regular basis.
She will discuss this with us and give us her ideas out of her knowledge on this subject.

Friday 27th September, 2019 at 7.00 pm
Alexander Schwedeler - Leadership Consultant - IMO Institute for Human and Organisational Development based in Germany will give a talk.

Friday 18th October 2019 at 7.00 pm
Thomas Linders, will be presenting his work on:
Permaculture for the Whole Systems Design, Bio-intensive and Biodynamic agricultural practices in Waaipoort Farm - A regenerative Agriculture Initiative in Rosendal, Free State.

Friday 15th November 2019 at 7.00 pm
The first of our long-awaited Vision Meetings. This will be led by Neil Tatham, who will talk about his vision for the Anthroposophical Society. Please think about this so that you can make your own contribution to this discussion.


This will be on Saturday 7th December 2019 and details will be forwarded once we have finalized the programme. We have invited Paul Myburgh to be our guest speaker and he has accepted this invitation.


We have now finished our study of The Spiritual Hierarchies and the Physical World and Reality and Illusion and have now started The Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature. From the warmth of Saturn - the sacrifice of the Thrones and all the spiritual hierarchies of our cosmic evolution, down to the elemental beings and nature spirits, offspring of the Angels - and rising up again.

This is an excellent book to study as an answer and to set up against the narrow-minded "reason" of the new technologies mentioned.

"In spiritual science, we do not merely speak of a spiritual world, but of quite definite beings and forces standing behind our physical world." - R.S.

Warm regards,
Helen Katsikas

ASJ Newsletter April 2019

Dear Members and Friends,

I am sure you all saw the heartbreaking images of the Notre Dame fire before Easter.

After 850 years standing in the heart of Paris - through wars and revolutions, this majestic cathedral was engulfed in flames, bringing its roof plunging to the ground. Stunned passers-by, with tears in their eyes, watched as the 300ft spire toppled and fell. Parisians and tourists alike began to pray and sing hymns as the inferno raged. This was followed on Holy Thursday by the devastation of the suicide bombers in Sri Lanka - this was all too much to comprehend during this most holy time.

On Friday 17th May, 2019 at 7.00 pm Rev. Michael Kientzler will give a talk - Philadelphia, the Sixth Cultural Epoch - preparations and hindrances in our time.
On Friday 7th June, 2019 at 7.00 pm Maren Hartkorn an Anthroposophical Nurse will give a talk.

The Annual General Meeting will take place on Saturday 25th May, 2019 at 11.00 am. Refreshments will be available from 10.30 am. The official notice has been sent to all members.

On Friday 12th April, Anthony Higgins and Ludmilla King very kindly braved the weather and other obstacles to speak to us about their work on the translations/interpretations of Rudolf Steiner's Verses and Meditations. This work took several years to complete and we heard about their experiences during this time and we were all grateful to hear some of them read - Ludmilla read the original German and Anthony their English translation.

The Greek and Russian Orthodox Church celebrated Easter a week after everybody else. On Saturday morning before Easter Sunday, we celebrate the "First Resurrection" - the resurrection of nature - of the earth. (As Anthroposophists we know that when the blood of Christ Jesus fell on the hill of Golgotha, an aura appeared around the earth). The Priest proceeds down the middle aisle chanting and scattering bay leaves all over the church as a sign of triumph and victory over death. The Resurrection Service takes place after midnight and for forty days after we celebrate the Resurrection the greeting is "Christos Anesti" - Christ is Risen. The response is "Alithos Anesti" - HE IS TRULY RISEN.

We look forward to welcoming you all to our next talk,

With warm wishes,
Helen Katsikas
On behalf of the committee

ASJ Newsletter Nov-Dec 2018

Dear Members and Friends,

As we approach the end of another year, I think we should reflect on what we have achieved thus far -

During a break between class lessons, Karin Von Schilling took the opportunity to deepen some fundamental elements on which the class work is based. Five gatherings were organized before starting a new class lesson cycle:

Sunday 10th June, What is the difference between Esoteric and Exoteric in anthroposophy?

Sunday 8th July, The principles of the Old Mysteries, specifically the Rosicrucian Mysteries and how this appears again in our time in the School of Michael.

Sunday 12th August, The Threefoldness of the Human body.

Sunday 9th September, The Threshold of the Spiritual World.

Sunday 7th October, A general discussion and further exploration of the above themes.

Our sincere thanks to Karin for being so generous with her time and for all the work put into the preparation of these talks.

We have been engrossed with Cosmic Memory the whole year - through Polarian, Hyperborean, Lemurian, Atlantian to the present time. We have now completed this study and after this whole journey, the redemption thought comes to mind - If we wish to make a graphic picture of what happened in ancient Lemuria for the earth evolution of man, we can say:

"That was the time when man descended from Divine Heights but through the Luciferic influence he was cast down more and more deeply into matter. When man had gone downwards to the lowest stage, a powerful impetus in the upward direction was required. Only because the Christ-Being had taken the resolution to unite Himself at the time of the events of Palestine, with man, to embody Himself in a man and to make the upward path possible for humanity - only this could bring about the Redemption of humanity - designated symbolically in the bible as 'original sin' the temptation by the serpent. Thereby through an act of love, the most important event in human evolution was brought about. " Extracts from - From Jesus to Christ
Rudolf Steiner

Next year our new study will be "The Inner Realities of Evolution" - anyone wishing to join this study group, please contact me.

The Friday evening talks took some time to organize but we eventually started, and they have been most successful, well supported and enjoyed by all.

Friday 23rd March, Christopher Nicolaou with pianist Abel Weinfass - Beethoven's spiritual development as a musician and as a man over the three periods of his life.

Friday 22nd June, David Wertheim Aymes - Money - Good or Evil?

Friday 24th August, Alan Rosenberg of Lindros Whole Earth Consultants - Biodynamic Agriculture, A Conscious Choice

Friday 21st September, Alex Higgins and Jan Lampen presented Subliminal Man - A Biographical Journey through word and movement.

Friday 26th October, Marie Steiner - What She Stood For, by Ludmilla King

Friday 23rd November, Freemasonry in the Light of Anthroposophy by Neil Tatham

Thank you to all who gave the above talks; for all the effort and time devoted to researching each theme. It was much appreciated.

On Wednesday 7th November, Martin Wigand gave the members a feedback on the conference at the Goetheanum and then afterwards gave a talk on Ita Wegman which was open to all members and friends.

On Wednesday 21st November, award winning film maker, anthropologist and author Paul Myburgh gave a talk - Continuing with the Human Journey. Paul spoke about the early beginnings of humanity up to our present time; who we are and what lies before us - exploring what it means to be human in the world. Paul's book, The Bushman Winter Has Come, is available for sale in our library.

The library will close on Friday 13th December and open again on the 15th January 2019.
Please note that Gift Vouchers are now available at the library.

Regretfully, I have to inform you that, due to circumstances beyond our control, we have had to postpone this function. We are planning to have this get together of all our members and friends late in February 2019 when everybody is back from holiday.

The committee has worked very hard to try to understand the needs and aspirations of the society and its members and we are sure that this work will bear fruit. We will continue to make every effort to grow our anthroposophical family and we thank you for your support and kindness throughout the year.

Wishing you all a blessed Christmas - enjoy the festive season.

Kind regards,
Helen Katsikas
On behalf of the committee

In the Vatican fresco "The School of Athens" Raphael has put "Atlantis" into the hands of Plato's Timaeus, as if he wanted to show that precisely here lay the deepest wisdom of Plato.

"The eagle eye of myth sees farther than our human eyes; it sees the edge of the world and the sky, the beginning and the end of everything - Atlantis"

"Moses in the Book of Genesis and Plato, say the same thing - the world before the flood is none other then Atlantis, while the ten Atlantean Kings are but the ten generations from Adam to Noah."

Where is the source of this light ? We do not know this; perhaps Plato knows, but he lowers the curtain over this very sacred, terrible secret - the sun of Atlantis descended into the abysses of the Atlantic - the light of the whole humanity. Atlantis/Europe Dmitri Merejkowski

Dear Members and Friends,

We are halfway through the year and winter is upon us. The Wednesday Study Group is braving the cold to attend this class as we are all engrossed in imaginations of Lemuria, Atlantis, etc. We have had to cancel a few meetings due to ill-health but in spite of this, we are all enthusiastic and I have been inspired to look once again at mythology, the Old Testament - and especially Plato. This study will continue as we try to deepen our understanding.

Flocks of migratory birds fly every year to that spot where Atlantis has been. They circle round the water, and seek land, without finding it; some of them, out of sheer fatigue, fall into the water, while others make the return journey. That which we call "instinct" is more eloquent than "knowledge, memory" - anamnesis of Plato - and is stronger in animals than in human beings; ten thousand years is no more than a minute to them.

Men have forgotten it - the birds remember.
The eloquent sage also remembers it: in his exploration of his ancient native land, he circles above the ocean, seeks land, and not finding it, falls on the waves, and as he dies he sings melodiously, does this hyperborean swan. - Plato

Thank you to all the members who attended our AGM on the 2nd June 2018, and the interest shown by all. In order for the Johannesburg branch to succeed in it's endeavours, we need the support of all our members and friends. It was decided that we should all meet again towards the end of the year to continue this discussion of the vision for the Society going forward. Your opinions, suggestions and criticism will be gratefully received. You will be advised of this meeting the in the near future.

The monthly Friday evening talks have resumed :
The first one, by David Wertheim-Aymes on Money "Good" or "Evil", on the 22nd of June.This was well attended and enthusiastically received. Unfortunately I was unable to attend but Neil Tatham, who was present has offered a review below. Please diarise the following Fridays - the subject of the talks will be advised in due course: Friday 20th July, 24 th August, 21st September, 23rd November

A visit to the Bookshop & Library will be worth your while - we have some wonderful new books:

And The Earth Becomes a Sun by Sergei O.Prokofieff
Through the transformation of the entire substance of the physical body by Christ, the seed for the future spiritualisation of the Earth was planted; and with the restoration of the phantom, the ego of the human being finds its redemption.The aim of this book is to reveal the spiritual dimension of Rudolf Steiner's Christological research, to make visible its significance and importance for our time and to place it in the perspective of the entirety of human evolution.

Managing Screen Time Raising balanced children in the digital age by Edmond Schoorel

This book offers a comprehensive overview of the pros and cons to help parents make their own choices. It explores the health effects of screen time as well as the benefits of new technology.

Children's Books - there is a comprehensive selection of children's books to choose from. These make wonderful birthday gifts.

Greetings Cards - on display also, is a beautiful selection of botanical greetings cards by Artist Ann Judith Harris-Deppe at a cost of R20 each.

Enjoy the winter months ahead - and keep warm.
Food for thought -

To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower
Hold Infinity in the Palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour. William Blake

With best wishes,
Helen Katsikas
On behalf of the Committee

Money "Good" or "Evil" presented by David Wertheim Aymes Review by Neil Tatham

David's participatory talk focused on the economic aspect of the Threefold Social Order and highlighted the genius of man's interaction with nature to create value, which is the hidden basis, behind money.

Initially, man turned what he found in Nature into value through barter.Then for convenience's sake he generated promissory notes which eventually became coins, money.

Embodied in money, is therefore value or spirit. It is the excess derived from man's interaction with nature and works best for humanity when unconstrained by any artificial, political or economic constructs.

REMINDER FOR THIS SUNDAY - 8TH JULY The 2nd of Four Gatherings
led by Karin von Schilling

Rudolf Steiner speaks of the Class as 'the Renewal of the Mysteries in our Time.' What does this mean?

Theme: The principles of the Old Mysteries, specifically the Rosicrucian Mysteries, and how does this appear again in our time in the School of Michael?

Dear Members and special Friends,

In an effort to keep you informed, we will be sending you regular newsletters, which we hope will help create an interest in the life of the society. We would appreciate your feedback to help us form a true anthroposophical family.

We, recently had a musical evening – a talk by Christopher Nicolaou on his researched spiritual insights, into the life of Beethoven and live musical illustrations by the accomplished pianist, Abel Weinfass which was very well attended and enjoyed by all.Thank you for your support.

For all those who used to attend the Friday evening talks, we are happy to inform you that we will be meeting on Friday, 4th May 2018 at 7pm. Karin, will give a talk -

"An orientation on the initial beginnings of the General Anthroposophical Society and the founding of the Free High School and it's sections and the initiation of the First Class." This will be followed by a discussion and suggestions on the way forward with these talks, so that they are of interest to all who attend. We look forward to welcoming all members and friends who supported these Friday evenings so enthusiastically, last year. The AGM of the Johannesburg branch will take place on:

Saturday 2nd June 2018 at 11h00am. You will receive an official notice confirming this date in due course. We hope members will make every effort to attend.

The Wednesday evening group will be starting a new study:

COSMIC MEMORY – on Wednesday 25th April, at 7h30pm

The essays contained in this book occupy a significant place in the life-work of Rudolf Steiner. They are his first written expressions of a cosmology resulting from that spiritual perception that he described as "a fully conscious standing-within the spiritual world". Rudolf Steiner shows that the insoluble link between man and cosmos is the fundamental basis of evolution. (Please contact Helen Katsikas 084 7611695

For those who have expressed a preference for a morning study, please contact me, so that we can discuss this.
We look forward to seeing and hearing from you on any query you may have.
Thanking you in anticipation,
With Kind Regards
Helen Katsikas
(On behalf of the committee)

The "Anthroposophical Studies in English" program

This program permits primarily younger people to acquire new orientation and depth in the pursuit of Anthroposophy